Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Rehearsal

First rehearsal went well enough. We've got quite a few rough spots to smooth out, but I've got a feeling they'll smooth out quickly. A lot of this film will be dependent upon body language and movement within a scene, and so once we have the actors somewhat off-book it'll be much easier to accurately gauge how we're doing.

We've worked with both of these actors before. Our male lead, David, has a tendency to forget/misplace his scripts, and so, about fifteen minutes before the rehearsal, I called to remind him to bring it. He did bring a script-- but he brought the wrong one: the script from last year's production. We all found this fairly amusing.

We have another rehearsal set for this Friday. We'll see how we're coming along at that time; we plan on starting to shoot in about two or three weeks, if everything's up to snuff.

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