Thursday, May 29, 2008

Third Rehearsal

Went over the big scene again today-- the dreaded "Sequence E"-- and it's continuing to come along nicely. Did a fair amount of blocking-- unusual for us. Actors should be off-bookish by our next rehearsal (Tuesday) and that will greatly improve the flow of the rehearsal process.

Shooting should start the second Saturday of June, which gives us a slightly longer rehearsal process than we anticipated. (Not that we're complaining.) Shooting should wrap before the end of August, if we stick to a once-a-week schedule. If we can kick it up a notch with a couple of week-night shoots, and if we avoid the need for reshoots, we might finish earlier. Post-production should occur concurrently with shooting, and the film should be completely done by the middle or end of September.

Fingers crossed.

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