Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fifth Rehearsal

In the words of a very wise man: Wowza.

Today, David and Adrienne knocked our socks clear off. They were firing on all cylinders, hitting all the right notes, pulling incredible surprises and meanings seemingly out of thin air, astounding us at every corner-- and other cliches that all simply add up to that one compact and extremely powerful word: Wowza!

We've been looking forward to our first shoot, which is two days hence, with both optimism and confidence to spare. Things haven't been perfect, but we've been getting there, working ever-closer, building the performances and the characters step-by-step. We planned on starting small with our first shoot to get our feet wet, to get us started but also to give us more time to find the characters.

But tonight, they were found. It wasn't David anymore, but Nick; it wasn't Adrienne, but Madison. If we were confident before, we're ten times as confident now.

Saturday's going to be wonderful, and all the shoots are going to be wonderful, and they're going to be wonderful, and this movie is going to rock-- or, to put it another way--------


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