Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rehearsal 3.5

David was sick today, so it was just us and Adrienne. We went over Sequence E-- it's a big scene in more ways than one-- and over a monologue that Adrienne's having a little trouble with. Not her fault; it's much too wordy, as most monologues are. We're starting to whittle it down to its essentials, and we'll see what's what on Friday, when we should have both of our leads-- alive, healthy, and well-- to go over the material.

Tomorrow, another one-on-one rehearsal, though, with Peter Jurich, who's playing the small but vital part of Eddie. We'll be shooting with him probably the last Saturday of this month-- shooting with the other two should start not this Saturday, but the next one. We're going to shoot it more or less in order, which gives us more time to go over the demanding material in the second half of the film.

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