Saturday, June 28, 2008

Third Shoot: Creature Effects by Jacob Hildebrandt

Jacob Hildebrandt-- infamous through-out the internets for his mechanical wonderments, one of the two Jakes attempting to assert steampunk supremacy, a friend, an actor, and one heck of a nice guy-- created one of our most unusual cast members for this film. Here's a picture of the lovely lady:

We have to be careful with her, though. Sometimes she gets a little angry, and has to blow off a little steam.

Who is this mystery lady, and what role does she play in the Episode of the Utility Bill? You'll have to wait and see, my friends. Wait and see.

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Mary Hildebrandt said...

I am so glad I found you guys!...definitely looking forward to it! ^__^

One question: Is Jacob distantly related to Greg or Tim (died in June last yr.) Hildebrandt...?

I ask because I am Mary Hildebrandt, daughter of Greg Hildebrandt (Brothere Hildebrandt) and I occasionally find artists and talented individuals like Jacob, who are related to me/us...does this sound weird...? It's rare but it does happen.

Thanks so I'll be following your works, too! ^__~

Mary Hildebrandt