Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cut Cut Cutterooni

Concerns about scheduling problems have had us looking very closely at our project, what we have left to shoot-- which is substantial-- the time we have to shoot it-- which is not-- and what we need to "tell the story", if a story this be.

And we've decided to cut a pretty huge chunk out of the film-- it runs about twelve pages-- not only because it would necessitate at least four different shoots at multiple locations (thus eating up four different shooting days), but also because of a number of other reasons. To wit:

1. Our first choice to play the part is unavailable, leaving Tom (the understudy for every part) to fill it. And it's not that Tom couldn't play it, or that he doesn't like acting-- he does-- but it would be less special than our first choice had been.

2. We've had trouble finding a place for it in the film. It had a place initially, and then we started shuffling things around, seeing what things work better in what spots, and we found that while it has some fairly deep thematic links to the rest of the picture, in terms of more tangible links it is tenuously related at best; it really just stands on its own. It could work, we reason, as a "breather"-- something to separate two larger chunks of the film-- but it's not really necessary to it the same way those larger chunks are.

3. In shuffling the other scenes, we've found new meanings imbedded in the material; behaviours and tendencies that are more noticeable and telling without this sequence. That is, the sequence that we're cutting contradicts a meaning that we weren't aware of at first, and having found it, it becomes easier to sacrafice what we thought, at the writing stage, was going to be one of the highlights of the film.

And so, there you have it-- the script is now twelve pages lighter and our shooting schedule, while still close, is four days shorter. (Which, when you're shooting weekends, is a helluva lot of time.)

We should be having a (short) shoot on Saturday with just one actor, followed by a rehearsal with both leads next Thursday. That Saturday, while our actress is at a concert, we'll try to work with David on his last bit of solo shooting, as well as starting to work, choreography-wise, on the musical number.

As we get back into production, there should be more frequent updates, as well as pictures galore.

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