Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the words of a very wise man, "grrr."

In observance of the Fourth of July holiday (and, to be more precise, the Fourth of July holiday plans of members of our cast), we took a break from shooting with the intention to tackle that unmitigated tyrant of a scene we know and dread as "Sequence E" this coming Saturday.

Unfortunately, Blanche is in town that very evening, and so one of our cast members opted to bow out to see said concert. Undeterred, we decided to grab a few important shots with the other cast member that Saturday, with the next Saturday cordoned off for "Sequence E".

But, as often is the case with the best-laid plans of rodents and homo sapiens, we discovered that on that following Saturday, that other cast member is going to a concert, which means that shooting "proper"-- that is, shooting the big long scenes that make up the bulk of the film-- is put off until at least the 26th of July-- the end of the month.

This caused quite a scramble, and so we've spent the last spot of time going over the remaining material, trying to figure out if it can be shot before David's wedding and subsequent honeymoon.

The answer? Yes, but only if we double-up on a couple weekends and do a couple of week night shoots. Which is certainly doable, though I'm not sure how happy the cast will be about it.

And even with that schedule, we haven't quite set aside the time we need for the musical number.

"Musical number?" you say.

Yes, musical number. We introduced David to his song today. He's a bit trepeditious...

... but so are the rest of this at this point. I got the sinking feeling that something's going to be cut...

... and I hope to God it's not the song.

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weebaaa said...

song pwnage

gogo foresight!