Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ninth Shoot

Production: 51% complete

Oh, Christ.

It's almost 1:30 in the morning here. We started just after 8 p.m. and we just finished. With the exception of dinner and one last rehearsal run-through, it's basically been five hours of four people cramped into one living room surrounded by two 500-watt lights without air conditioning on a hot and humid night. And-- genius that I am-- I decided that one of the characters should be wearing a sweater. A sweater! What the hell was I thinking?

(In my defense, I chose the costume on a non-hot and non-humid day. But still.)

It was a long shoot, and it was a hard one. The scene itself is emotionally draining, the scene itself is long, the scene itself had a lot of set-ups-- 14 basic set ups, not counting the occassional close-up and the like. And though she was benadrylled up the wazoo, Adrienne's allergies started acting up.

Like always, she troopered through it. She got a little bleary-eyed and puffy-cheeked towards the end, and we were all pretty worried about her. I don't think she's one that likes people making a fuss over her, and if she's reading this, I'm not sure if she'll exactly be happy with me mentioning all this. But I want to say that, while she couldn't exactly be her usual cheerful self, she was extremely professional the whole time through; none of it was reflected in her dynamite performance.

Next production, we'll try to shoot somewhere besides our lovely home. Now, don't get us wrong; we like our home. And it's very appealing to us to have a location over which we have complete control. There's never any worry about anyone throwing a party the night before, changing their mind, or blaming us for damage we didn't cause.

But we've shot in our home for two movies now, and, no matter how much we vaccuum and how much medicine she takes, the cat fur still gets to Adrienne. Adrienne is a very talented actress-- perhaps the most talented and responsive that we've ever worked with. She's someone we want to work with again and again until she gets sick of us. And so working with her in an allergen free environment would be highly desirable for all concerned.

And, more importantly, Adrienne's our friend-- and we don't want to put her through all this.

...Like I said, it was very hot, and so everybody was feeling a little grimy and there was a fair amount of stress. The end result, I think, will be worth all that bother.

At the same time, this whole "spend hot summer days/nights cramped in a little room with 500 watt halogen lights" thing has gotten old pretty quick. We still remember some of the less-than-ideal shooting days last summer, in our last production The Man Who Loved.

We're thinking that our next production, whatever it may be, we'll try to shoot this next winter or spring or, if it comes to it, that following autumn. (Autumn's Tom's favourite season; Mary doesn't have a favourite, but she "sure as hell" doesn't "like shooting in the summer".) Because these summer shoots are hell on everybody involved.


Shoot's over. It was long and it was arduous and it was warm. Tomorrow-- or, rather, later today-- we'll digitize all the footage to our hard drive and begin to piece it together. There'll probably be some pictures then.

Right now?

Right now I'm too tired to even finish this sen


jdcQ9180 said...

Hi Tom,

I sent an email 2-3 weeks ago. Did you receive it?


Tom and Mary Russell said...

No, I didn't; did you send it to milos_parker @ yahoo . com ?

jdcQ9180 said...

Pretty sure that I did.

Tom and Mary Russell said...

Um, I guess just try sending it again.

Tom and Mary Russell said...


We haven't recieved anything yet. Please send another email or provide an email address and we'll send one your way; we'd be more than happy to get in contact with you if you want to observe or help out before the picture is done.