Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eleventh Shoot

Production: 68% complete

Got Sequence F done today. Once it and its predecessor are completely edited, we'll have a huge block of the film done, running from Sequence E through K. We'll be shooting L and M (the end of the picture) at the next two shoots, then we'll pony back to shoot Sequence C. Still have the musical number ahead of us, though the more we look at it, the more it looks like it's going to get cut-- not because of time issues, but because of thematic reasons. As I explained before, Sequence D has been cut-- though we might put the script for that online in the next week or so-- and we've still got to get a small piece of Sequence A from our Super-Secret Guest Star.

Because we're not going to put his name out there until we're absolutely sure that he's good to go, we won't be releasing the full and animated opening credits on teh internets just yet-- though we finalized them this morning.

Things seem to be doing alright now, and we look forward to finishing the picture and getting it out there.

Pictures soon, from both E and F. I promise.

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