Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lucky Number Thirteen

Production: 90% complete

We got a late start, but we finished pretty quickly. It was pretty relaxed and felt as "ordinary" as a shoot ever does. It was the last scene to be shot between our two leads-- which means that it was also Adrienne's last shoot for this picture.

Next week, David and Mariya shoot a three page scene, and then-- we will be done with the regular shooting; just some second-unit stuff is needed to finish up the film.

This whole experience has been rather strange. It's moved a lot quicker, both in shooting and editing, than our previous films. There was less of a need to rewrite or reshoot, and less of a need to pull a MacGuyver by making a lot of film out of very limited resources. There was far less stress this time around.

Sure, there were some grumpy set days, and some tensions-- but far and away this is the most relaxed and genuinely fun experience we've had in making a film.

It's been a real pleasure to make, and we hope it will be a real pleasure for the audience to experience.

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