Sunday, August 10, 2008

More pictures; thoughts on E-K inclusive

First up, we've got some new screen shots for you. These first two are from Sequence F:

And now, here's a couple from Saturday's shoot-- the film's final scene.

Well, it's nice to see that David wants to look his best.

We're celebrating a bit, as we've finally caught up on our editing, having spent most of our day slogging away at it. We've still got a lot of audio hiccoughs to clean up in Sequences E and F, but for the most part the editing on those sequences is completed. Which means that we got to watch Sequences E through K as one completed block of film, which runs roughly 37 minutes.

It's a good piece of work. Strong acting, strong writing, flowing seamlessly with an emphasis on a sense of time and place. It bodes well.

We did find, however, that we need to slip one more scene into these proceedings. We're working on that, and should present it to our actors on Thursday. If luck and time are with us, we'll shoot it on Saturday along with Sequence L.

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