Monday, August 4, 2008

The Scary Face Contest! (or, screenies from Sequence E!)

While we were filming the happy-go-lucky adventure that is Sequence E, David and Adrienne decided to challenge one another to a scary face contest.

David went first:

Adrienne upped the ante:

Round one is a tie. Time for round two. Look out, Adrienne!:

Ooh, that was a nice save. But what's this that David has up his sleeve? Looks like he's going to try to pull off a devastating three-hit combo attack!!!

Oh noes, he flubbed it with that last one. That wasn't a scary face at all-- it was a goofy face! Adrienne has an opening... this could be it, folks...

... and, yes, she did it! Adrienne won the Scary Face contest! (Not that her face is normally scary; she's just a very talented actress.)

Wait, David-- where are you going...?

Are you in the bathroom, crying like a little girl?

Only little girls cry, David. Make sure you wipe your eyes with the hem of your dress, so that you look pretty. Otherwise you'll never get a date to the box social.

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