Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sequence F Screenie; Taking Stock

First, here's a nice evocative screenshot from Sequence F.

That's a nice shot.

We're now in the home stretch. The most difficult scenes have been shot, and the schedule is currently as follows:

Forty minutes from now: Second-to-Last Rehearsal
Saturday: Shooting Sequence M (the last scene in the picture)
Next week Thursday: Final Rehearsal
That Saturday: Shooting Sequence L (the last scene that requires both leads)
The Following Saturday, August 23rd: Shooting Sequence C

For all intents and purposes, that'll be our final shoot; we're still having some trouble firming up the location, but we've got our fingers crossed. We should have most of the picture edited by that time, and so if we feel we need to reshoot or add anything, we'll be able to do that on the last Saturday in August; production will be basically complete before David gets married/honeymoons in September, which would make shooting with him much more difficult.

While there have been a few scheduling conflicts, on the whole the filmmaking has been a pleasant and fast-moving experience. We're all worked together before, so we know what to expect from one another and how to get it. There were also some longer takes and less close-ups than our previous picture, and that helped tremendously.

All we'll have left to wait on is some footage from our special secret guest star; assuming we get that before November, we should be able to submit this to a couple of really choice festivals that, in theory, tend to embrace low-budget non-genre films.

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