Saturday, August 16, 2008

SOASH goes international!

Contest! Contest! Contest!
One fact that many reading this site will not be privy to is that our film is actually in more than one language. Here, with subtitles, is a still from such a moment:

In what language is Mr. Schonscheck communicating? I leave it for you to decipher. The first correct guess will get some kind of prize-- what prize, I am not yet sure. But, hey!, it's still a prize, am I right?

You'll notice that we chose a frame in which his mouth is not open-- so as not to tip off any lip-readers in the audience. There is, however, a very vital clue located in one of the screenshots on this site. The very clever among you should pick up on it right away.

So, get cracking! When you think you've got it, post a comment on this entry.

And no, David and Adrienne, you are not eligible. :-|

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