Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twelfth Night (of Shooting)

Production: 75 % complete.

Bugger of a shoot tonight. It wasn't a particularly long shoot-- just an hour or two-- and the scene wasn't particularly exhausting. But it was warm and we shot upstairs-- the hottest and dustiest room in the house. No matter how many times we vaccuumed and fussed, we knew it was going to difficult for Adrienne and her allergies.

As always, she troopered through it. The scene itself was a bit uncomfortable for her because of some of the content of the scene as well; but she was, above all, professional, courteous, and dedicated to getting the job done.

And done it is.

We have one more big shoot with both of them-- that's next Saturday, God willing-- a final shoot with David and another actress and the footage from our super-secret guest star remaining. After that, production will be complete.

Post-production's moving along, perhaps a bit slower than usual. We had fallen into the habit of editing a scene in its entirety between shoots, meaning that production and post-production were moving at pretty much the same rate. But once we got to Sequence E, we fell behind-- it's a long and difficult scene wiht a lot of footage to reconcile. That scene itself is now edited, and we're still working on Sequence F.

This scene-- Sequence M-- should be a lot more straightforward, and we'll probably have it-- and, hopefully, F-- done before next week's shoot. And so, if everything works out okay, we're hoping to be doing the final mix and touch-ups in the two or three weeks following the end of production.

So far, the film is shaping up to be roughly 85 to 90 minutes long; not bad for a script that, after cutting Sequence D, runs 54 pages.

Things have been moving pretty painlessly so far; everyone cross their fingers and hope our luck holds.

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