Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, we're going through the movie, looking for shots for our first trailer-- and we notice that approximately three minutes from the middle of Sequence E are missing.


As near as we can figure, what happened was this: we had two different layers of video. Video-1 contained most of the shots, while Video-2 contained reaction shots. That second track must have been "locked"-- meaning that it could not be changed while other parts were being edited-- when we were shifting the scene one way or the other. So layer one moved and layer two stayed the same; we then must have noticed it and unlocked the track, shifting it back over to where it should have been. In doing so, we then must have accidentally selected the first track as well, which means that that first track then overwrote the shots earlier on that same track.

At least, that's what we've been able to piece together. We're not sure when it happened, and it doesn't sound like the kind of sloppiness we would usually be guilty of.

Either way, we've got to re-edit a complicated portion of a complicated scene-- something we're not particularly happy about. But we'll do it. (We knew things had been going too smoothly.)

We'll probably have those three minutes back in place sometime this week; we should have the first trailer up and ready for mass consumption around that time as well.

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