Friday, September 5, 2008

Trailer! (# 1)

Our first trailer plays up the comedy side of the equation.

It also generally adheres to the peculiar rhythm employed by many of today's trailers-- short, almost modular sequences of ideas, each unit running roughly ten to twenty seconds, punctuated by a moment or two of black video in between. It's a popular format precisely because it is effective-- if the purpose of a trailer is to make people want to see a film, it does that fairly well-- and we decided to employ it for this trailer precisely for that reason. (And also because we wanted our first trailer to be out-and-about fairly quickly.)

Our next trailer for this film will probably be a very different animal indeed, both in terms of style and substance-- not necessarily pushing the comedy aside in favour of dramaturgical sturm und drang, but putting more emphasis on the anger as a problem, where it comes from, et cetera.

Not that-- let's be clear here-- the anger is a "conflict" that must be "resolved" by the end of the third act. That's exactly the sort of bull-puckey we're seeking to avoid. In fact, we're not even sure if the film can be divided into three acts. Five "movements", perhaps-- more like music than McKee.

Anyway-- tell us what you think of the trailer and please feel free to e-mail it, link to it, embed it and otherwise share it on your own websites, your Space that belongs to you and your Book of the Face.

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