Saturday, July 18, 2009


  1. David Schonscheck telling God that He has an anger problem.
  2. Robot that dispels steam from its ears, created by Steampunk Legend Jake Hildebrandt.
  3. Joe Swanberg remains clothed for his entire performance.
  4. Samurai duel at sunset.
  5. Porn starring Daniel Taintview and his son, B.J. Taintview. What does he eat? Hint: it ain't your milkshake.
  6. Bonus features include: three episodes of Ned and Sunshine (the zombie sitcom) including one no longer available online; a children's film about a suicidal snail; and a discussion of the film with the cast and crew.
  7. Nothing happens in the last twenty minutes.
  8. The film provides a probing examination of self-hatred, anger, and masculinity that informs the way the film is structured.
  9. Every time you spend $15, we get $3.30. Support real independent film!
  10. It's a god-damn masterpiece.

Son of a Seahorse-- Now on DVD!


Our film Son of a Seahorse is at long last available on DVD.

From an audacious opening scene that runs over 22 minutes (before the credits!) to an ending that is as quiet as it is disquieting, SON OF A SEAHORSE is an unusual (and unusually satisfying) comedy from the Russells. It's a very funny film about a very angry man. That conflicted and explosive man is played by David Schonscheck in a star-making performance that is contrasted and complimented by Adrienne Patterson's smart and stylish performance as his no-nonsense, sharp-edged wife.

The film features creature effects by Steampunk Legend Jake Hildebrandt, a supporting performance by filmmaker Joe Swanberg, and awesomeness, as always, by the Russells. It's DIY filmmaking at its boldest, brassiest, and funniest in a disc that's jam-packed with extras.

BONUS FEATURES: Three episodes of the zombie sitcom Ned and Sunshine; the full version of suicidal children's story Bernard the Lonely Snail; "Indoor Voices", a discussion of the film with Mary Russell, Tom Russell, David Schonscheck, and Adrienne Patterson.

It's only $15 dollars-- a bargain, to be sure. We're not saying that you have to buy it-- we're just saying if you don't we might not be friends anymore. BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON!